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The Whau River Catchment Trust (WRCT) is the principal environmental umbrella organisation for the Whau River catchment and has now joined with Friends of the Whau (FOW). The WRCT and FOW are working together for healthier streams and river through community participation and kaitiakitanga. Contact the main office on 09 827 3374 or email infor @whauriver.org.nz

Join with the Friends of the Whau (FOW). and help make a difference, become a member of FOW Club. Contact the main office on 09 827 3374 or email infor @whauriver.org.nz

Take time out, visit the river, and enjoy the many recreational opportunities it affords e.g. bird watching, kayaking, walking, cycling and fishing to name but a few things you can do or simply join in to improve the river and streams ecosystems by helping to plant thousands of native trees and shrubs.

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