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Whau Plant

This illustration of the whau plant (Entelea arborescens) is based on a sketch by Sydney Parkinson, the artist who came with James Cook on his first voyage to New Zealand (1768–71). The final watercolour was done by, Fred Polydore Nodder.

Te Whau Catchment

Tangata Whenua understand ancestral waterways in terms of tribal boundaries and relationships. The “tribal catchment area” is identified in terms of key geographical features such as maunga (mountains), awa (rivers) and puna (water sources/springs), which form the basis of iwi and hapu identity and spiritual and physical sustenance.

Maori view water and other natural resources as Taonga (treasures) with spiritual and metaphysical properties. These properties, both practical and spiritual, are bound together within the mauri or life force that empowers all living things, makes human beings a part of the natural world and is central to the mana and life-blood of iwi, hapu and whänau.

Te Whau (taken from the whau plant) is the Maori name for the tidal river flowing into the Waitemata Harbour. Te Whau is part of the wider area known as ‘Te Wao nui o Tiriwa’, (‘The great forest of Tiriwa’), the ancient Maori name for West Auckland and surrounding districts.

Map – Whau River Catchment Project Locator

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Flyover the Whau River

Whau River Sub-Catchment Project Sites

The Whau River catchment within which the Whau River Catchment Trust operates is composed of sub-catchments as shown on the plan.
Within each of these sub-catchments there are numerous projects where site ecological restoration and rehabilitation is taking place.



Key Projects within the sub-catchments are;

Whau West Catchment:
The Whau West Greenway Project
Rotary / Colvil Park Restoration Project
Harmell Esplanade Reserve Restoration Project
McLeod Park Restoration Project
Hepburn Park Restoration Project
Archibald Park Restoration Project
Ken Maunder Park Restoration Project

Rosebank Peninsula Catchment
Kurt Brehmer Walkway Restoration Project
Pollen / Traherne Islands (in collaboration with Forest & Bird)
Rosebank Park Domain / Pataki Restoration Project
Avondale Reserve Restoration Project
Tony Segedin Esplanade Reserve Restoration Project
Arawhata / Wingate Street Restoration Project
Avondale Racecourse

Whau Stream Catchment
Whau Stream Restoration Project
Olympic Park Restoration Project
Miranda Reserve Restoration Project
Blockhouse Bay Recreational Reserve Restoration Project
Margaret Griffen Park Restoration Project

Avondale Stream Catchment
Avondale Stream Restoration Project
Olympic Park Restoration Project
Blockhouse Bay Intermediate Restoration Project
Sister Renee Shadbolt Park Restoration Project
Titirangi Golf Course
Green Bay Domain Restoration Project
Craigavon Park Restoration Project
La Rosa Garden Reserve Restoration Project
Godley Green
Crum Park
Rahui Kahika Reserve Restoration Project