Lower Scroggy Stream Sustainable Neighbourhood

The vision of the Lower Scroggy Stream SN is to restore and enhance the water quality and native biodiversity of the lower Scroggy Stream catchment in New Lynn from Chettle Reserve on Westall Street through Northall Park to Croydon Road.

A further neighbourhood goal is to meet and connect with neighbours to build a caring connected society and encourage a sense of belonging, ownership and empowerment. Ably coordinated by Alicia Warren, many residents have joined the effort so that large sections of stream bank have been restored i.e. cleared of weeds and rubbish, planted in natives and are now successfully regenerating.

Fruitvale School have recently joined the neighbourhood as restoring the streamside through Northall Park provides an ideal opportunity to develop the student’s environmental education skills, as well as strengthening links with the community.

To support the neighbourhood’s vision contact the Coordinator of the Lower Scroggy Stream SN, Alicia Warren.  Ph: 09 825 0225. Visit their Facebook page – ‘Lower Scroggy Stream Sustainable Neighbourhood’ site for more info.

OR contact Natalie Wilkinson, Sustainable Neighbourhood Facilitator at The Whau River Catchment Trust 09 827 3374 OR email at natalie@whauriver.org.nz