Mid Week Volunteers Wanted

If you would like to volunteer through the week with Friends of the Whau please email Sandra on Sandra@whauriver.org.nz.  Every Wednesday morning we meet up for a couple of hours to work on a practical task – followed by tea and biscuits if people are not in a rush to get off.  Sites vary from week to week, though we do spend about half of it at the very lovely Kurt Brehmer Walkway in Rosebank. Recent activities include planting native nettle species for our native Admiral butterflies, tracking tunnels to check pest mammal species and plant care to help keep our young native plants alive.  The emphasis is on learning whilst getting the job done, so our volunteers can get skilled up and learn more about the special habitats, plant and animal species and places along our waterways!

For more information  please contact Sandra on Sandra@whauriver.org.nz.  or the office at  info@whauriver.org.nz 

Weekend Volunteers Wanted

Due to popular demand, if you are busy working during the week, we now have more opportunities for you to join us for a session on the first weekend of every month. Session times will vary through the planting season to fit with the calendar of different planting groups that we will be working with. Depending on the time of year we undertake a range of activities including planting, clean-ups, plant maintenance, plant propagation, pest plant and animal monitoring, predator control and various Citizen Science projects. Anyone can join up, all are welcome to get active helping us looking after and learning about our stream sides, with a range of tasks and sites.

For more information  please contact Sandra on Sandra@whauriver.org.nz. or the office at  info@whauriver.org.nz