Whau River Catchment


Whau River Catchment TrustThe Whau River Catchment Trust (WRCT) is a charitable entity based in New Lynn, Auckland and was established in 2012. The WRCT delivers a wide range of community-based environmental projects, principally in collaboration with the Auckland Council and other key stakeholders within the catchment, and includes programmes and projects in the areas of ecological restoration and conservation. The WRCT is the principal environmental umbrella organisation for the Whau River catchment and joins with Friends of the Whau (FOW).

The WRCT now looks after the governance and management of projects while FOW takes care of the needs of FOW members and volunteers.

The WRCT and FOW are working together for healthier streams and river through community participation and kaitiakitanga.


The key purposes of the Trust are as follows:

a) To provide leadership by adopting an Ecosystem-based Management approach with the aim of restoring and sustaining ecosystems within the Whau River catchment to meet both ecological and human needs now and in the future.
Ecosystem Management aims to conserve major ecological services and restore natural resources while meeting the socio-economic, political and cultural needs of current and future generations. Approaches to effective ecosystem management engage conservation efforts at both a local or landscape level and involves: adaptive management, natural resource management, strategic management, and command and control management;

b) To maintain, enhance, protect, restore, monitor and nurture the natural ecology and its environment, the support of revegetation and conservation projects with particular emphasis on the Whau River, its tributaries, margins and catchment areas;

c) To promote community accessibility to and involvement with the Whau River, its tributaries, margins and catchment areas including but not limited to the development of Greenways incorporating walkways and cycleways to and along the Whau River, its tributaries, margins and catchment areas;

d) To promote local environmental leadership, augment knowledge, mentor, educate and raise public awareness amongst local communities living within the Whau River catchment of the principles and practices of ecological restoration;

e) To work with citizens, communities, organisations, iwi, businesses, local and central government and other voluntary and statutory organisations fostering community involvement and kaitiakitanga on projects carried out within the Whau River catchment as well as to ensure the ecology, history and cultural associations of the Whau River are protected and enhanced, including encouragement of appropriate public access to the Whau;

f) To interact with, provide for forums, and co-ordinate with other organisations, with positive initiatives for the ecological restoration of the Whau River, its tributaries, margins and catchment areas.


The Whau River Catchment Trust and Friends of the Whau office is centrally located within the catchment at 5A Willerton Ave, New Lynn.

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Integrity: WRCT carries out its work in the community professionally, respectfully and honestly. WRCT promotes an organisational culture of integrity and encourages open and honest communication with all of its stakeholders including staff, funders and community partners.

Enthusiasm: WRCT people are passionate about the community and the environment. WRCT regularly communicates this enthusiasm to the community through different mediums.

Making a Difference: WRCT commits to progressively reduce the environmental impact of communities in the catchment and to be innovative in pioneering new approaches to contemporary expressions of kaitiakitanga.