Volunteer Positions:

Budding ‘Citizen Scientist’ Intern Volunteer required to help with pest animal tracking (posted March 2017)

FOW volunteers have been trapping animal pests on the Kurt Brehmer Walkway for two years now. To check whether rat numbers are down and skink numbers are up, we have a line of tracking tunnels set up along part of the walkway. Within each tunnel is a piece of cardboard with an inkpad in the middle. The inkpad is baited with peanut butter and meat for rats and stoats, or honey and banana for skinks and then left out for a few nights before we check for footprints. One of our top volunteers Brigitte set this line up, but she went on to get a full time position, so we are looking for a new volunteer or intern to take this on. Full training will be given and you would be looking at a four hour commitment per month checking the line. Get in touch with Sandra if you are keen at sandra@whauriver.org.nz

WRCT Internships 2017:

The WRCT has unpaid, volunteer Intern positions currently available. Internships may be part-time or full-time. A typical internship lasts between 1 and 4 months but can be shorter or longer.


The two primary types of internships are:


  • Work experience internship: Most often this will be in the second or third year of the school period. The placement can be from 2 months to one full school year. During this period, the student is expected to use the things he/she has learned in school and put them into practice. This way the student gains work experience in their field of study. The gained experience will be helpful to finish the final year of study.
  • Research internship (graduation) or dissertation internship: This is mostly done by students who are in their final year. With this kind of internship a student does research for the Trust. The Trust can have something that we feel needs researching, or the student can choose a topic themselves. The results of the research study will be put in a report and often will be presented.


Another type of internship growing in popularity is the virtual internship, in which the intern works remotely, and is not physically present at the job location. It provides the capacity to gain job experience without the conventional requirement of being physically present in an office. The internship is conducted via virtual means, such as phone, email, and web communication. Virtual interns generally have the opportunity to work at their own pace.

Please contact Gilbert Brakey at gilbert@whauriver.org.nz for further details.

Friends of the Whau Volunteers:

To maintain our momentum and increase our group’s effectiveness, we welcome new volunteers with diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents. You might like to consider joining our team volunteers to lead, or just join in our many activities and events.

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