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Te Whau BioBlitz 2015

Our very first Te Whau BioBlitz was held on Wednesday 29th July at Kurt Brehmer Walkway and Saunders Reserve in Avondale. An awesome community project initiative. The total number of species recorded on the day was 189 species including 24 species of birds and 15 species of spider. Kurt Brehmer walkway is a site the Whau River Catchment Trust and Friends of the Whau have been restoring for over 12 years, with areas of both remnant and regenerating coastal forest and cliffs, in addition to mud flats and mangrove forest. Check out our video below of the day as it happened and enjoy!

Check out some of these resources that were available on the day.

> BioBlitz Site Map 1 2015

> InformationForSchools_BiodiversityHabitats

> BioBlitz Sampling Guide 2015 

Te Whau BioBlitz Flyer:

Te Whau River BioBlitz 2015 Kurt Brehmer Walkway

Te Whau BioBlitz Poster:

A BioBlitz is an exciting way for scientists, stuednts and the public to work together to identify the vast array of species (biodiversity) living in an urban reserve.

Check out Ruud Kleinpaste at the Pourewa / Kepa Bush BioBlitz in March, 2015. Unfortunately Ruud couldn’t be at our BioBlitz this time, but we had many other ‘ologists’ to inform us.

Te Whau BioBlitz 2015 project on NatureWatch NZ

All the species we found have been uploaded to our Te Whau BioBlitz 2015 project, which is part of the NatureWatch NZ website.

The NatureWatch NZ website is building a living record of life in New Zealand. By sharing our observations online, everyone can discover what’s been seen in nature, meet other scientists, nature watchers, and environmental specialists monitor changes in biodiversity and learn more about New Zealand’s amazing animals, plants and fungi. 

Observations with photos and GPS locations can also be uploaded directly to NatureWatchNZ from your mobile device, whether Apple or Android, using the free iNaturalist app

  • A simple instruction sheet can be downloaded here Flyer_INaturalist_BioBlitz_150727

  • Sign up to NatureWatchNZ first, then use your same NatureWatchNZ login and password when you sign up to iNaturalist.

  • You’ll need WiFi to login to iNaturalist so stay logged in to upload observations when you are out and about.

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