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Projects and Initiatives
Sub-Catchment Project Sites

Whau River Sub-Catchment Project Sites

The Whau River Catchment Trust along with the Friends of the Whau are actively involved with numerous environmental projects throughout the Whau River Catchment. See list below.

Whau Sub-catchment

Key Projects within the sub-catchments are;

Whau West Catchment
The Whau West Greenway Project
Rotary / Colvil Park Restoration Project
Harmell Esplanade Reserve Restoration Project
McLeod Park Restoration Project
Hepburn Park Restoration Project
Archibald Park Restoration Project
Ken Maunder Park Restoration Project


Rosebank Peninsula Catchment
Kurt Brehmer Walkway Restoration Project
Pollen / Traherne Islands (in collaboration with Forest & Bird)
Rosebank Park Domain / Pataki Restoration Project
Avondale Reserve Restoration Project
Tony Segedin Esplanade Reserve Restoration Project
Arawhata / Wingate Street Restoration Project
Avondale Racecourse


Whau Stream Catchment
Whau Stream Restoration Project
Olympic Park Restoration Project
Miranda Reserve Restoration Project
Blockhouse Bay Recreational Reserve Restoration Project
Margaret Griffen Park Restoration Project


Avondale Stream Catchment
Avondale Stream Restoration Project
Olympic Park Restoration Project
Blockhouse Bay Intermediate Restoration Project
Sister Renee Shadbolt Park Restoration Project
Titirangi Golf Course
Green Bay Domain Restoration Project
Craigavon Park Restoration Project
La Rosa Garden Reserve Restoration Project
Godley Green
Crum Park
Rahui Kahika Reserve Restoration Project

Greening The Whau & Projects

Greening the Whau

The Whau River Catchment Trust launched it's new Greening the Whau initiative in 2023. An initiative promoting a sustainable nature-based green future for The Whau River Catchment area.

Green Hills
Greening the Whau Projects

Greening the Whau Projects

Take a look at our Greening the Whau projects below.

If you are interested in funding these projects, please get in contact with us at or call 09 627 3372.

Fully-funded Projects

​There are currently no projects that are fully-funded at the moment, unfortunately. Please see to the right projects you may be interested in funding.

Projects seeking funding

These projects are either on hold or are new projects. All these projects are open for funding. Click on each project to learn more.


  • Manukau Harbour Coastal Restoration

Our projects in alphabetical order

Please click the below links for more information of respective projects

  • Ara Patiki Bay Wildlife refuge

  • Community workshops

  • Manukau Harbour Coastal Restoration

  • Pest Free Whau Project

  • Rosebank Peninsula Coastal Restoration

  • Te Whau Biodiversity Survey

  • The Whau West Floodplain Awareness Programme

  • Whau Catchment Tree Canopy Project

  • Whau Waicare Water Monitoring Programme

  • Whau Watershed Watchers Programme

  • WRCT Urban Ecology Centre

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